I had the best afternoon at work today.  I watched three hours of Freaks n Geeks episodes and wrote discussion questions to go with the episodes.  THAT’s how awesome my job is!

For those of you who don’t know, Freaks n Geeks was an AMAZING show that ran at the turn of the millenia.  It was one of the first things I ever saw that revealed high school as it truly is…for the outcasts.  Our youth group has been watching episodes on Sunday nights and then talking about it afterwards.  It’s been a great, low-key study that gets people to talk about what they actually experience in school and at home.  Here’s the biggest reason I show it to my youth group:

Jesus spent most of his times with the freaks and / or geeks of his time.  We talk about how Jesus hung out with the “wrong crowd”, but I don’t think we acknowledge very often just what a bunch of freaks Jesus spent time with!  Zealot = freak.  Boanerges = cool name, but still pretty freaky.  the bickering brothers = freak.  John the Baptist = total raging lunatic freak!  Camel hair?!  Do you know how disgusting that probably was?  Don’t tell me that eating locusts was any better of an idea then than it is now! 

If we want to see what Jesus could do in this world, we need to spend time with the freaks and geeks of our time.  My church is in Plano, TX.  Everything in our

 surrounding culture tells teens to NOT stick out in any way.  Freaks and Geeks can be used in subvert this culture and replace it with some gospel ideals.  I’ve noticed that there are two big themes that run through our discussions:

  1. Should Lindsay (a “good kid”…like most of our youth group) spend time with the “freaks” of her school even though they do things that “good kids” shouldn’t do?
  2. Can I embrace my inner freak and / or geek?

I hope that, by the end of the series, most of our youth group will answer “yes” to both questions.

If you haven’t seen FREAKS and GEEKS, rent it or buy it.  Also, if you want to see some possible discussion questions, leave a comment and I’ll send a copy to you.