Smoke rises after an Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip, as seen from the IsraeliAs the morning began in Gaza today, Israeli attacks destroyed a United Nations depot that contained significant amount of relief supplies and food.

As the morning began in Gaza today, reporters took cover from Israeli bullets that penetrated an Associated Press office.

As the morning began in Gaza today, shells exploded upon a hospital causing damage to structure, patients and what little security Palestinians had left in the one place that they thought was safe from Israeli fire and death.

For all that the Israeli government says about how it is doing its best to avoid civilian casualties, clearly their ability to do so is limited.  The UN estimates that at least half of all Palestinian casualties are civilian.  If Israel suspects that  a Hamas leader is in an apartment building, they will destroy the whole building, regardless of who is in it.  Even if that weren’t the policy (by the way, the US has a similar policy in which operations expected to kill up to 30 civlian casualties in pursuit of a known terrorist do not need White House approval), war is far less accurate than we think. 

The destruction of the UN depot reveals either the reality of how inaccurate war is OR absolute malice on the part of Israel to destroy United Nations relief supplies.  I choose to believe the former, but either scenario makes it clear that this war cannot continue.  Israel apologized for destroying the UN facility.  Will they apologize to the children who starve because the food was destroyed?  Will an apology make a difference?